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Frequently Asked Questions at our web site. Please check this out for basic information:

Q1. Why is The New Explorers no longer on TV?
A1. This is the #1 question we are asked at our web site. We don't really know but have accepted the fact that things change or people move on in their careers and do other projects. This was our favorite TV show and the inspiration for our web site and we still give honor to this program on The New Explorers page of our site. If you watch carefully, many programs similar to the style of The New Explorers still appear in the Bill Kurtis lineup of documentaries. Most recent we noted was the Christmas Day 2001 program, "American Chief in the Amazon." Hopefully there will be more programs like this in the future.

Q2. What is Bill Kurtis' email address?
A2. The second most asked question - We do not know for certain and would not say if we did know it, because email is private. We do not think a big chunk of BK's life is to spend time chatting on email. He is way too busy.

Q3. Why don't you have a Kurtis personal bio at your site?
A3. Our web site gives an historical count of the career of Bill Kurtis and we wish it to remain just that. Once you put in personal information, you become obligated to presenting 100% factual information and, perhaps, private data that a person would not necessarily want published on the internet. Much information can be obtained off the internet from other sources but we chose to stick to the professional life of Bill Kurtis at our site.

Q4. Does Bill Kurtis know your web page exists and does he like/visit it?
A4. Yes, he knows we exist and he is appreciative. We have no idea if he visits our web page but he knows we are here.

Q5. Where does Bill Kurtis get his suits?
A5. We are totally clueless on this one but are genuinely surprised and entertained that this is such a popular question.

Q6. Do my Guestbook comments really get to Bill Kurtis and does he read them?
A6. At least once a year we edit and forward the fan comments to Kurtis Productions as a file. As far as we know, and as we have been told, BK reads the forwarded comments. Our guestbook is the only fan mail we forward to Bill Kurtis.

Q7. Are you a relative of Bill Kurtis?/Are you Donna?
A7. No, but it would be an honor/No, but we wish we had her incredible creative talent.

Q8. Does Bill Kurtis have children and grandchildren?
A8. Although personal information, it's generally known that he has kids. A reliable source says no grandchildren yet.

Q9. How tall/old is Bill Kurtis?
A9. Bill Kurtis himself says he is 5' 11" without shoes. No more speculation on that one! As for his age, it's splattered all over the internet but you'll not beat it out of us! We faithfully stick to our story that he's 39 and in a serious holding pattern there.

Q10. Are you going to make a reference page on Cold Case Files like you do with the other programs?
A10. We're working on it, but have a creativity block on how to present it. Also, we're running out of web space as the bizillions of BK programs keep piling up. Fan comments and suggestions are always appreciated.

Q11. Does Bill Kurtis have any pets?
A11. At the present time, Bill Kurtis has no pets. We guess that because of his current traveling schedule he is unable to provide the daily love and nurturing that a family pet requires. He did provide us with a story about a pet he had in school - "My mother raised, for a few years, a pedigree cocker spaniel, jet black, who gave birth to a litter of puppies. I was only in the second grade. She let me keep one of the puppies and I named him "King" after the husky in the radio series, Sergeant Preston of the Yukon. He lived until I finished college so I knew the value of what a wonderful companion a "pet" can be. Although it's hard to call King a "pet". Somehow he had become a member of the family."

Q12. I have trouble viewing parts of your web page. What's up with that?
A12. Our web site was designed with the finest Bill Gates products - Win 9x (or better) with 1024 x 768 resolution on a 19 inch monitor and tested on Internet Explorer ver 6.0 and works perfectly. The design should work with other browsers and resolutions but our research tells us that this is the standard for our visitors. You will achieve a lesser display on a small screen such as a laptop and if you use webtv, many of the applets and other whistles and bells just won't display.

Standard Disclaimer: The webmaster of this page is not Bill Kurtis, does not know him and would not confess if we did know him. We are not associates of Bill Kurtis, Kurtis Productions, or any other enterprise. Fan mail for BK received via the webmaster is not forwarded. Please leave nice messages for BK in the guestbook because those entries are sent to Kurtis Productions. Other comments may be directed to the webmaster.

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