The BK documentaries listed here are divided into three categories on two pages; Investigative Reports, American Justice and Miscellaneous. We keep adding them as they are discovered. Place your mouse pointer over the red dots for a clue about each.

Investigative Reports
People Who Steal Adopted Babies and Return Them to Their Birth Parents Adoption Vigilantes The Spreading Manufacture and World-Wide Use of the Drug Ecstasy The Agony of Ecstasy
(2001) The Still Very Real Threat of AIDS and the Growing Misconceptions About the Disease Aids in America: The Crisis Continues (2002) A Look at What Went Wrong Leading Up to Sept. 11 and Subsequent Airline Security Measures Airline Security
The Continuing Problems of Delays and Horror Stories in the Air Travel Industry Air Traffic Jam: Bumped, Delayed and Grounded Clinton Was Not the First and He Won't Be the Last All the Presidents' Women
(2001) BK and Scientists from Field Museum of Chicago Visit the Ecuadorian Rainforest to Document the Cofan Who are Fighting to Save Their Land from the Devastation of Oil Exploration American Chief in the Amazon Poor Treatment at the Hands of The Immigration and Naturalization Service American Dream: American Nightmare
(Date unknown) The Epidemic of People Living With Constant Pain Resulting from Illnesses or Botched Surgeries America in Pain (2002) In Association with The New York Times, a Detailed Examination of the Last Minutes of the World Trade Center The Anatomy of September 11th
Investigation into the Gulf War and the Whooping of Saddam Anatomy of a War Luba Tryszynska's Compassion in Saving Auschwitz Children from Death The Angel of Bergen-Belsen
In-Depth Research into the Girl Who Lived in Hiding from the Nazis Ann Frank: The Missing Chapter Endorsed by the Gay Web Sites as an Excellent Report Anti-Gay Hate Crime
Ways to Stop Arson and Different Views on the Crime Arson Investigators Branch Davidian Waco Group Following David Koresh Attack at Waco
Kiddie Beauty Pageants Baby Beauty Queens Exploration Into Why Some Cops Go Bad Bad Cops: Cause and Effect
Questioning the Ethical Flaws and Incompetence of Some American Judges and the US Legal System Bad Judgement (2002) Investigation Into the Unregulated Business of Cosmetic Surgery Beauty Under the Knife
Cases of Police Brutality in NY Behind the Blue Wall: Police Brutality An Intense Look at the Prison Systems Around the World Behind Bars (1996)
(2001) Historical Investigation of the Famous Tough Island Prison off the Coast of San Francisco Behind Bars: Alcatraz (2002) One of the 'Behind Bars' Programs - This One Detailing What It's Like to Live in a Maximum Security Prison Behind Bars: Life on the Inside
(2001) Investigation of the 1980 Riot at New Mexico Penetentiary Resulting in the Loss of 34 Lives Behind Bars: Riot in New Mexico (2001) Investigating America's Most Tough Prisons Behind Bars: Supermax
(2001) The British Prison System at Grendon Underwood Where Prisoners Volunteer to be Their Own Therapists Behind Bars: Treatment or Punishment (2001) Problems at Europe's Largest Women's Prison in London Behind Bars: Violent Women in Holloway
(2001) Critical Report on the Very Real Possibility of Terrorist Getting Their Hands on Powerful Biological Weapons BioTerrorism Jews and Their Stolen Swiss Savings - Won Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement Blood Money - Switzerland's Nazi Gold
In-Depth Historical View of the Hobo Lifestyle - Also called "Murder on the Tracks" Blood On the Tracks (2001) A Man Who Kills of His Wives [Ed. Note: Not the same as the American Justice Program With a Similar Title] Bodies in the Bay/Till Death Do Us Part
(2001) The Job of the U.S. Border Patrol and the 8,000 Miles They are Charged to Protect from Drugs and Illegal Immigrants Border Patrol: America's Gatekeepers Bounty Hunters in NY and Georgia (Ed. Note - Other Title Seen: "Wild Justice: Bounty Hunters") Bounty Hunters
She Likes Them Way too Young, but is Bipolar Disorder an Excuse? Boy Crazy: The Mary Kay Letourneau Story Similar to the New Explorers Program About UFOs Bringing UFOs Down to Earth
Kids Tortured By Peers Resulting in Violent Retaliation Either Directed at Others or Themselves Bullied to Death Mortuary Science Students Demonstrate Their Knowledge The Business of Death
Counterfeit Rip-Offs of Designer and Other Legitimate Products Buyer Beware (2/01) Life at Military Colleges in the US - Features Norwich University in New Hampshire [Ed.Note: May Also Go by Title "Officers and Gentlemen"] Cadets: Life of a Student Recruit
College Campus Crimes and Coverups Campus Insecurity Historical Look at NASA From Achievements to Blunders Can We Still Trust NASA?
Murder in Colorado Yet Unsolved The Case of JonBenet: The Media vs. the Ramseys Invasion of Internet Privacy Caught in the Net
Celebrity UFO Encounters - Aw, Come On Now! Celebrity Close Encounters 2-Hour Look at Mary Jo Kopechne's Drowning Death in 1969 Chappaquiddick
Exploitation of Children in the Sex For Sale Trade Child Sex Trade FEMA's Role in Handling a Crisis Civil Defense: The War at Home
The Increasing Problem of Hiring and Keeping Qualified Teachers in the Public Schools Classrooms in Crisis A Series of Unsolved Cases Cold Case Files #1-25
(2002) A Look at the Job of the Threat Assessment Group in How to Prevent Another Such Incident Columbine: Understanding Why
Career Child Molester Ross Nelson's Creepy Story Confessions of a Predator (2/01) Relationship Between FBI Agent John Connolly and Mob Informant Bulger The Cop and The Criminal: The Whitey Bulger Story
(2001) Cops Get Some Help Dealing With the Stress of the Job Cop Counselors Corruption in the New Orleans Police Department Cops or Criminals
Police Keeping the Peace all Over the World Cop World People Who Commit Crimes of Imitation (Hinkley, For Example) Copycat Crimes
The Big Business World-Wide in Counterfeiting Currency and How It Keeps the US Treasury Department Hopping Trying to Stay Ahead of the Game Counterfeit Police Departments Around the World and How They Operate Crimefighters: The World Beat
(2001) Forensic Anthropologists at Work Identifying Human Remains and Investigating Crimes Criminal Evidence (2001) Egyptian-born Chemist Who Was Able to Commit Murder and Evade the Law In the USA Criminal Justice: Sharif Sharif
(2000) Investigation Into the Possibility that Violent Criminals Start Out Commiting Acts of  Animal Cruelty The Cruelty Connection Sometimes that Dream Vacation on a Luxury Ship Can Become a Horror Story Cruise Ship Nightmares
Don Daufenbach, Fed Agent Who Exposed Internet Child Porn Cybersex Cop Investigation into the Threat of Radioactive Fallout from Past Nuclear Testing in the Nevada Desert Danger - Fallout
The Hazards of TrainTravel and Crossings Danger on the Rails (2001) Outbreaks of Food Poisoning and Tracking Down the Sources - Includes the 1992 "Jack in the Box" Incident Danger on Our Plates
Operations of the U.S.'s Least Known Military Branch Dangerous Seas: Inside the U.S. Coast Guard Men and Women Top Guns in the Air Force Dangerous Skies
Positive and Negative Results of Parole - Arthur Bomar, David Wyatt Jones and Darryl King Cases Featured The Dark Side of Parole Rohypnol - Watch Your Drinks, Girls The Date Rape Drug
Sean Sellers Executed in 1999 for Murders Committed When He Was 16 Dead Kid Walking The Nature of a Bank Robber Deadly Transactions
Bin Laden and His Wild and Crazy Guys Take Aim at the USA Death to America (2001) Two-Hour Special That Examines How Mistakes are Made in Putting Innocent People On Death Row Death Penalty On Trial
Intense Look into the Life of Vince Foster from His Achievements to His Suspicious Death in Washington DC Death of Vince Foster Report on People Who Defect from Their Countries Defectors: Life on the Run
Deadly Powerful and a Hidden Threat to the Troops With the DU (Armor Piercing) Bullet Desert Storm's Deadly Weapons (2002) Fad Diets of Atkins and Ornish, etc and Other Questionable Miracle Weight Loss Products Dieting Wars
Fred and Rosemary West Discuss Their Lives With Serial Killer Parents The Dirty Secrets of Cromwell Street The Rise of Asian Gangs in China and the U.S. Dragons of Crime
The Losing Battle - Interview With Drug Agent Don Ferrarone Drugs at the Border (2000) Investigation into the Use of Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Competitive Sports Dying to Win
The Heat Is On - Again - As Well as The Debate Earth in the Hot Seat (2001) Computer Modeling in Earthquake Studies Predict Another "Big One" in San Francisco within 30 Years Earthquake! On Shaky Ground
Mobsters in NY Crime Empire of Crime What Really Happens in ERs as Viewed in King's County Hospital in Brooklyn ER: The Real Drama
(2000) Cyber Crooks at Work Stealing and Sabotaging Their Way Around the Internet E-Terrorism Child Care Deaths and Injuries Every Parent's Nightmare
Historical Report on the Death Sentence and Those Who Carry it Out The Executioners (1995) Executions Execution at Midnight
Louisiana Prison - Won a Couple of Emmy Awards The Farm: Life Inside Angola Prison The CitiCorp Building in NYC and How it Could Not Withstand the Force of a Hurricane. This program first aired 10/5/96 Fatal Flaw: A Skyscraper's Nightmare
Are We Losing Confidence in the FBI With Their Handling of Investigations? The FBI Under Fire FEMA and Natural Disasters FEMA: America's Stormy Dilemma
Are We Prepared for Disasters? FEMA: In the Face of Disaster (2002) FEMA's Role Saving Post Sept 11, 2001 Victims and Their Security Plans for the 2002 Olympics FEMA: Urban Search and Rescue
NYC and Miami Gun Connections Firearms Freeway New York City Firefighters - The Nation's Busiest Firefighters - Brothers in Battle (1991)
Fighting Fire Fire: In the Heat of the Battle Fighting Fire in Florida-Confused with Titles-Might Be Same as "In the Heat of the Battle" Firestorm
Life Beyond Clinton: BK Chat With Hillary First Lady on the Front Line (2002) An Investigation into Why Small Planes Crash and Ways to Make Them Safer - Analysis of Payne Stewart and JFK, Jr. Flying Blind: Small Plane Accidents
(2002) DNA Evidence and Its Use in Criminal Investigations Forensic Fraud
Gay Couples in Hawaii Challenge the Marriage Laws For Better or For Worse: Same-Sex Marriage in America U.S.S. Vincennes Shot Down a Civilian Iranian Airbus in 1988 Killing 290 Passengers Friend or Foe: Flight 655
With All Our Technological Advances in Weapons, Can America Still Fight and Win a War? Future War: Rules of Engagement (2000) The Impact of Science and Technological Advances on Modern Weapons Future War: Silver Bullets
Focus on the Training of Men and Women Who Will Fight Wars in the Future Future War: The Warrior Cult No Description Available Gambling on the Future
 Crash of a Chartered CD-8 plane in Gander, Newfoundland on December 12, 1985 Gander Crash (2001) The Drugging of Kids - Good or Bad? Generation Rx: Reading, Writing and Ritalin
Ye Olde Strip Club Debate Gentlemen's Clubs This Guy Was an Expert at Poisoning People in Great Britain Graham Young: The Compulsive Poisoner (1962-71)
(7/99) Argumentative Week-Long Look at Guns ; Gun Life, Young Guns, etc. Guns in America (Series) The Impact Guns Have on Our Lives and Gun Violence Gun Effect
The Uses of Guns Across America Gun Life An Inside Look into the Weapons Industry The Gun Makers
(2001) Halfway Houses - Rehab? Halfway House: Prison Without Bars British Hunt for a Serial Killer Who Murdered Prostitutes in 1964-65 (Jack the Stripper:Catchy Byline) The Hammersmith Murders: Jack the Stripper
(2000) Hate Groups and Their Leaders Such as Tom Metzger and William Pierce The Hate Network Deaths Resulting from College Fraternity Hazing and the Attempts to Stop the Practice Hazing: A Deadly Game
(2001) The Role of a Person's Religion in the Healing Process Healing and Prayer: Power or Placebo? Cops Baffled in LA and Washington State Over the Murders of Young Women The Hillside Stranglers
Lotteries and Compulsive Gambling Hooked on a Dream: America's Lotteries Good Report on HUD. Bet They're Mad HUD: America's Slumlord
(2002) The Debate Over Human Cloning - Good and Bad The Human Cloning Race Could the Cure be the Cause? Hunt for the Killer Flu
Following News Station KCAL 9 in May to See What it Takes to Produce the News and Beat the Competition Hype And Glory: Sweeps Month Report in Clinton's Impeachment and How It Has Affected Politics of the US Government Impeachment:War on the Presidency
Sinking of the Indianapolis in WWII and the Survival of 850 on Board Indianapolis: Ship of Doom (2000) The Big Critter in Cambodia That Scientists Need to Investigate In Search of the Kouprey
Investigation Into How AA is Operated and Its Treatment Program Inside Alcoholics Anonymous Bodyguards of the Diplomatic Security Service Who Place Their Lives on the Line In the Line of Fire: The Protectors
Two Hour Special Presentation on the Modern Operations of the FBI Inside the FBI A Three Day Overview of the Activities at the Los Angeles Airport Inside LAX, 1,2,3
A Look into all Facets of the National Rifle Association Inside the NRA Polygamy - Focus on the Practice in Utah Inside Polygamy
Marshall Applewhite's Mission With His 39 Followers Inside Heaven's Gate Religion or Cult? Inside Scientology
Psychiatrist Dr. Dorothy Lewis' Theories about Violence Caused by  Brain Trauma - Examples: Arthur Shawcross, Joel Rifkin, Mark Chapman & Ted Bundy Inside the Killer's Mind (2002) Interviews and Examinations on Why Sept 11th 2001 Occurred. Intelligence Failures
Those Sleazy Bigamists and How Women Need to Do Some Investigative Research on Their Own Intimate Deception
Senate Investigation on Questionable Tactics of the IRS IRS Horror Stories An Investigative Journalist Recounts His Relationship with J. Edgar Hoover Jack Anderson: The Fall of J. Edgar Hoover
An Investigation into the Strange Life of Billionaire Howard Hughes Jack Anderson: The Howard Hughes Double An Investigative Journalist Details His Relationship With JFK and His Belief that the Assassination Was Mob Associated Jack Anderson: JFK, The Mob and Me
The Case of the Colorado Child's Unsolved Murder JonBenet: Anatomy of An Investigation Interview with a Former Beirut Hostage Who Describes His Torturous Captivity Joseph Cicippio: Chains to Roses
The Murder/Suicide of 900 Humans by Cyanide at Jim Jones' Compound Jonestown: Mystery of a Massacre No Description Available The Journals of War
The Quest to Have Her Killer Tried Criminally Justice for Joan The Juvenile Justice System - A Look at 4 of Them Juvies
Heroin Babes The Junkie Next Door: Women & Heroin Prison Guards - A Tough Job for Special People - Also Titled "Keepers: A Job behind Bars" Keepers: The Other Inmates
Kids in Adult Prisons-Emphasis on 16 Year Old Damico Watkins Killed By Adult Inmates Kids Behind Bars Historical Look at Both Sides of the Gun Control Debate The Killing Culture
Historical Look at this Hate Group The Ku Klux Klan The Aftermath of the Rodney King Verdict in Los Angeles LA Riots Revisited
The Dangerous Job of the Las Vegas Search and Rescue Team Saving Lives Las Vegas: Search and Rescue (2001) What Happens to Guys on Death Row Who are Exonerated? Life After Death Row
(2000) How Sick and Premature Babies are Kept Alive - Visit New York's Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center The Littlest Patients: Neo-Natal ICU Commercials for the White House from 1952-1988 The Living Room Campaign
The Russian Mob's Impact in Other Countries Long Arm of the Russian Mob (2000) Incidences of HMO Abuses and the Reasons for Problems That Risk the Lives of People in Managed Care. Managing Your HMO
Lions vs. Man in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda Maneaters Senseless Murders - Includes a Study of Charles Whitman, the Tower Sniper at the University of Texas at Austin (1996) Mass Murder: An American Tragedy
A Report on the 100,000 American Deaths Each Year from Medical Errors Medical Mistakes No Description Available Although It's Obvious The Men Who Killed Kennedy
Eric and Lyle, Two Boys Without a Clue But a Ton of Excuses Menendez Murders An Investigation into the Production and Use of the Popular Drug Methamphetamine Meth's Deadly High
Our Lost Boys in Vietnam MIA: The Long Journey Home Recent Notorious Police Killings Midnight Cop Killers
Kidnapping Cases of Kari Swenson in Montana and Exxon Executive Sidney Reso in NJ Midnight Kidnapped Untested Weapons Systems - Are They Safe? Military Weapons: Buy Now, Test Later
Aldrich Ames Sold Secrets to the Soviet Union Resulting in the Killing of American CIA Agents The Million Dollar Spy Cold War Experiments and the MK ULTRA Program Testing Drugs on Innocent People in the 1950s - Includes Story of Frank Olson in 1953 Mind Control Murder
(2001) An Intensive Presentation of the Atlantis' First Shuttle Trip in 2000 Through Training Phases and the Mission Mission Possible: Shuttle Astronauts Bill Tyree and the Murder of His Wife at Fort Devins - No Resolution Murder at Fort Devens
A Prolific Serial Killer's Murder Spree Tracked Over the Years The Mysterious Dr. Swango He Escaped Justice for His Human Experiments as a Nazi at Auschwitz Mystery of Josef Mengele
Murders of 30 Women Along Interstate 45 Between Houston and Galveston Since the 1970s The Mystery of I-45 More on the Dirty Works of Nazis - Focus on Nazi Prosecutor Ben Ferencz The Nazis' Secret Killing Squads
The Growing Incidence of Terroristic Bombings New Bomb Makers Powerful Street Gangs and Their Spread Nation-Wide The New Face of Crime
American Terrorists - Racism, Violence, etc in the Name of Patriotism The New Face of Terrorism This Guy Can't Get a Break Newt Gingrich and the Republican Revolution
Modern-Day Nazi/Klan Organization, Often Dangerous The New Skinheads (2001) Two New York City Reporters (Mike Stamey - 'New York Post' and Sarah Wallace - WABC-TV) Try to Uncover the Truth with Their Own Investigation of Crimes NY Justice: Beat Reporters
(2002) Using Psychiatry in the Courtroom - Success and Failure NY Justice: The Mental Health Dilemma (2001) A Look at the Brooklyn DA's Office and Their Efforts to Keep Crime off the Streets NY Justice: The Prosecutors
(2001) A Look at Four Public Defenders of New York County Defender Services and What it Takes to Defend the Poorer People NY Justice: Public Defenders (2001)  American Travelers Getting into Trouble With the Laws of Foreign Countries Nightmare Journeys: Justice Abroad
Dangerous Prisoners in the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women and How They Deal With Incarceration 900 Woman: Inside St. Gabriel's Prison (2002) Examining the Insanity Plea & a Visit to the Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity
Inside Look into the Life of Parole Officers in NY and Their Tough Job Monitoring the Behaviors of Paroled Offenders On Parole: Prisoners of Freedom A New Industry World Wide in the Selling of Human Parts Organ Trade: Life and Death for Sale
How the Navy Has Overcome Scandals Such as the "Stark" Incident in Becoming an Honored Branch of the US Services Out of the Gulf - Into the New Navy (2001) Traveling With the Philadelphia Parking Authority and a View of Their Treatment by Angry Drivers Who Get "The Boot" Parking Wars
(2001) A Second Look at Parole in Kentucky - This One Investigates the Individual Cases of Galloway, Yelverton and Sedlacek Parole Board: Kentucky State Reformatory A Series of Programs: Violent Convicts in Search of Parole in Hawaii, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Montana, Nevada, Iowa, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, West Virgina, Louisiana, NJ, Southern NJ and Colorado Juveniles The "Parole Board" Series
Post Gulf War Investigation into Flaws in the Capabilities of the Patriot Missile Patriot Missile: Hero or Hoax Domestic Violence Against Women - Has Two Titles A Pattern of Abuse/Wife Beaters
Murdered His Lover in 1977 and Escaped Capture for 20 Years Peace, Love & Murder: The Ira Einhorn Story (2001) Pros and Cons of Altering the DNA in Babies and the Capabilities of Science in Detection and the Possible Cures for Genetic Diseases  Perfecting Baby: Controlling DNA
(2001) American Citizens Who Keep Big Cats as Pets Pets or Predators Investigates the Crashes of Boeing 737s and the Possibility of Faulty Rudders The Planes That Fell to Earth
(2000) Pressure on Kids to Perform in Sporting Events Playing to Extremes (2002) Inside Look at One of the Dirtbag Terrorists Behind the Sept. 11 Attacks on the Trade Center in NYC Portrait of a Terrorist: Mohamed Atta
Dr. Harold Shipman Killed Possibly 100 of His Patients in Hyde, England Prescription for Murder
2-Hour Feature of 4 Cities in the Forefront of Community Policing Policing in America (1996) The Great Debate - A Theory Prime Time Violence
(2001) Men and Women Seeking Out Partners in Prisons - Prisoners in Search of Crime Partners or True Love? Prison Romance Debate Over What to Do About Child Sex Offenders Punishing the Pedophiles
Examines the Warning Signs in People Who Go On Killing Sprees - Based on Research by the New York Times Rampage Killers: Looking for Signs The Plight of Drug Addicts Cleaning Up Their Acts at the Addicts Rehabilitation Center in NY. Rehab: Tough Love in Harlem
Return Visit to Cambodia and Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge Regime Return to the Killing Fields (2001) Incredible Wins and Devastating Loses in Online Stock Trading Risky Business: The Day Traders
Inside Look at the Outlaw Ching-a-Ling Motorcycle Gang in NYC Road Warriors: The Biker Brotherhood Sue Billing's Search for Her Daughter Abducted by a Biker Gang The Search for Amy
Although They Were Never Found, It Has Been Long-Rumored That Mussolini Had Letters That Were Damaging to the Reputation of Winston Churchill Secret Letters of Churchill and Mussolini Herb Baumeister Murdered People and Hid Their Bodies Around His House The Secret Life of a Serial Killer
"Bad Prison is Better Than NO Prison" The Secret Tapes of Richard Speck Historic Secret Tape Recordings Made by Presidents in the 20th Century The Secret Whitehouse Tapes
Innocent Citizens Losing Their Possessions by Way of Muddled Drug Seizure Laws Seized by the Law (2001) Exclusive In-Depth Investigation of Stocks and Securities Fraud Selling The Dream: Stock Hype And Fraud
The Catholic Church and Its Views on Sexual Issues Sex and the Church: A House Divided How KGB Women Used Sex to Obtain Western Secrets [Ed. Note - Two Titles Were Found for This] Sexpionage / Operation Honey Trap (2 Titles)
Revisiting the Navy USS Vincennes's Downing of an Iranian Passenger Jet That Killed 290 People Seven Minutes that Stunned the Navy Vincent Simmons in Jail for Rape Even with Evidence That He's Innocent Shadows of Doubt
Rampant Mental Disease and How Those Afflicted Survive The Shattered Mind / Schizophrenia The Effects of High Security Supermax Prisons in USA - Visits to Pelican Bay State Prison and Arizon State Prison Solitary Confinement
Interview With 1970s NYC Serial Killer David Berkowitz Revealing His Cult Member Association and Partipation in the Murders Son of Sam Speaks: The Untold Story U.S. Military Operations in Space and Interviews with Those Involved in the U.S. Space Command Space Warriors
(2002) The Investigation Leading to the Arrest in 2001 of the Third FBI Agent Ever Accused of Espionage The Spy Next Door: The Robert Hanssen Story Stalkers in America Stalkers: Assassins Among Us
LA Police Targeting Stalkers - (Ed. Note -May Be Just Another Name for the Show, "Stalker: Assassins Among Us" Stalking the Stalkers (2001) TV Anchors Who are Stalked by Viewers Stalking TV Anchors: The New Threat
Auto Theft -  A Growing and Thriving Business, Unfortunately Stealing Wheels Creeps Who Prey on Others by Taking and Often Assuming the Identities of Their Victims Stolen Identities
On the Streets With the Emergency Services Unit in NYC EMS: Street Saviors / NYPD Emergency (Other Title) (2001) Changes in Diet and Society and Their Effect on the Increasing Weights of Children The Supersize Generation: Kids and Obesity
Benjamin Wilkomirski's Book About the Holocaust The Survivor The Dangerous Appeal of Big Honkin' Sport Utility Vehicles The SUV Craze
Tabloid News Reporting at the New York Post - Has Two Titles Tabloid: Inside the NY Post / Making News History of the Olympic Bidding Process and the Corrupt Business Practices of Those Vying to Host the Games Tarnished Gold
Kids With No Direction and How to Identify Those Who are Troubled Teenage Suicide: The Silent Threat School Violence and a Discussion on the Possible Reasons Why Teenagers Under the Gun
Growing Incidence of Teenagers Participating in All Types of Gambling and the Resulting Problems Teen Gambling Down-the-Road Consequences When Children Want to Meet Their Bio Dads Who Were Sperm Donors Test Tube Dads
(2001) Incredibly Mental Kids Who Kill for the Fun of It. [Ed. Note: Lock 'em Up and Throw Away the Key] Teen Thrill Killers (2001) Desperate Parents in Last Ditch Efforts to Save Their Out-of-Control Children Teen Wilderness Camps: Therapy Or Punishment?
Risky Business Tornado Chasers Well, That's One Way.....Probably Cheaper Too To Russia For Love: Mail Order Brides
How the Experts with High Tech Equipment Track and Predict Violent Storms Tracking Storms: The Next Frontier Real Concerns in the Lives of Transgendered People The Transgender Revolution
Cases Complicated by too Much Media Attention - Includes the Story of Ellen Levin, Mother of Manslaughter Victim Jennifer Levin Trial by Television Undercover Investigation on the Nationwide Crime and Industry of Illegal Hunting Trophy War: America's Poacher War
(2002) A Great Program Investigating the Lives of CIA Agent Mike Spann and "American Taliban" John Walker Lindh Two Young Americas: The CIA Agent and the Taliban Report on Several Species Stressed by So-Called "Human Problems" Uganda: Wildlife on the Edge
Philip Leonetti Betrayed the Mafia in Atlantic City Dealings (Ed.Note - And Hopefully Has Subsequently Grown Eyes in the Back of His Head) The Underboss Loihi, the Only Active Underwater Volcano in U.S. Territory Underwater Volcano Hunters
Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity Untying the Straitjacket 'Nam -  What Was is It Good For? - This May Not Be an Investigative Reports Program and Should Be Placed in Miscellaneous Documentaries Vietnam Perspectives
(2001) Violent Acts in the Workplace Between Employees and Ways to Prevent Those Crimes Violence in the Workplace (2002) A Two Hour Documentary on the Low Hourly Pay of American Working Poor - Based on the Book By Barbara Ehrenreich, "Nickel and Dimed." Wage Slaves: Nickel and Dimed in America
Expose on Chicago Police Department's Bomb and Arson Unit Waging War on Arson (2002) BK Travels to Southeast Asia to Interview Chairman Bao Who Has Been Accused of Running the Wa Territory (Northeastern Myanmar) as One Large Drug Operation Warlord
Montana Conflict Between Business Cattlemen and the Buffalo War on the Range
Wild Fires Battled in Western USA by Highly Skilled Firefighting "Hotshots" Wildfires: Fighting Fire with Fire (2001) Spoiled Pro Athleties Who Get into Serious Problems With Crime - Rae Carruth and Ray Lewis FeaturedWhen Pros Turn Con
The Life of the Oklahoma City Bomber and His Connection With the Michigan Militia Who is Timothy McVeigh? Self Explanatory - The JFK Plot Who Killed JFK: On the Trail of the Conspiracies
(2002) A Two-Hour Program Reviewing Football Teams of Two High Schools Over Their Entire 2001 Seasons Wide Open: Inside the World of High School Football A Look at the Other Half and They're Just as Dangerous Women in Prison
(2000) Women Marines Doing Boot in NJ Woman Warriors: The Making of a Marine Teenage Girls With Dreams of Becoming Models - Good and Bad Experiences Young Models Growing Up Fast

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