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Due to space limitations on our web site, we decided that beginning June 2002, we will no longer update this page -American Justice. BK fans are important to us, so we will keep an historical record on file. If you have a particular question about recent programs, please write and we will try to provide information.

American Justice
Abuse Victim Hedda Nussbaum and Joel Steinberg Investigated in the Death of Their Adopted Daughter A Family Secret: The Death of Lisa Steinberg She Tried to Kill Mary Jo Buttafuco to Get Joey The Amy Fisher Story
The Case of Wayne Williams and the Death of Children In Atlanta Between 1979 and 1981 The Atlanta Child Murders What a Messed Up Deal - Man Kills Son, Nurse, Mom, Then "How To" Hit Man Book Gets Sued for Showing Him to Murder Blueprint for Murder
Trial in Delaware of Thomas Capano Convicted of Murdering his Lover Who Was Secretary to Delaware's Governor Body of Evidence: The Tom Capano Trial Police Struggled to Find the Guy on a Murder Spree of Women The Boston Strangler
Seven Year Old Homicide Witness, Leroy "B.J." Brown, Jr, Killed In a Separate Incident to Prevent his Testimony Against Russell Peeler The Boy Who Saw Too Much The Amityville Horror Revisited and Other Psychic Murders Butch DeFeo
Excess Baggage Murders in the Early 1900s - An Investigation of the Murders of Three Women Body in the Trunk Murders Ng and Leonard Lake on  Crime Spree - Seen Below as "Leonard Lake and Charles Ng." [Ed. Note: Must be two titles to this documentary] The California Killing Field
Trapping a Killer By Transatlantic Radio Transmission The Case of Dr. Crippen He and His Galpal Went On a Murder Spree in the 50s Killing 10 People Charles Starkweather
1966 Mass Murder at the University of Texas. [Ed. Note: This is Listed Elsewhere Here Under the Title "Mass Murder: An American Tragedy"] Charles Whitman: Austin Sniper A Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Families in Woburn, MA who Lost Children to Leukemia After Drinking Alleged Contaminated Well Water A Civil Action
(2001) A Rich Promising Pro Football Player Involved in Murder. Program is similar to the IR Program, "When Pros Turn Con" Conspiracy To Kill: The Rae Carruth Story Another Mob Story: Boss Vito Genovese and His "Career" Crime Family
15 Year Old Student/Lover Manipulated into Killing Pam's Husband Crime of Passion: The Pamela Smart Story Horrific Case Surrounding Michael Alig Who Was Swept Up in Clubs, Partying and Murder Dancing, Drugs and Murder
Inept Doctors Eugene Turner and Bruce Rowan and Their Involvement in the Death of Conor McInnerney Dangerous Medicine? Patricia Allanson's Multiple Attempts to Kill People Deadly Magnolia
(2001) Mysterious Circumstances in the Death of Alvin Ridley's Wife. Death in a Small Town Highway Gal Who Killed Seven Men Death Row Prostitute: Aileen Wuornos
Yikes! He Went to Great Effort to Hide a Murder Victim Whose Body Turned Up in England Donald Hume Three-Time Loser Killed His Mom, Wife, Mother-In-Law and Committed Suicide Donald Merrett: The Murderous Buccaneer
A Look at Circumstances in His Conviction and Now Awaiting Execution in PA Death Row Radical: Mumia Abu-Jamal Women on Death Row Including Lynda Lyon and Velma Barfield Death Row Women
Investigation Into the Death of the Teamsters Union's Jimmy Hoffa The Disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa Being Single is Mostly Good Divorce Wars
FBI Agent Joe Pistone Infiltrating the Mafia in NY The Donnie Brasco Story British Dr. John Bodkin Adams Accused of Poisoning Patients in the '50s to Collect Their Money Dr.
Justice Eventually Comes After Repeated Convictions and Appeals to Put Him Away for the Drowning of His Wife Drowning in Lies: The Trial of Edward Post David Graham and Diane Zamora Kill His Lover, Adrianne Jones Duty, Honor and Murder
(2001) The Murder of Tennessee State Senator Tommy Burks by Bill Looper, the Challenger in the Upcoming Election in 1998 Eliminating the Competition 1987 Suit Against the Pacific Gas and Electric Company in Hinckley, CA over Tainted Drinking Water The Erin Brockovich Story
Sportscaster Marv Albert's Sex Crimes and Other Celebrity Crimes Fall from Grace Domestic Violence Invades all Economic Classes in the USA A Family Secret: The Death of Lisa Steinberg
Kenneth Allen McDuff - the Only Texas Murderer Sent to Death Row, Paroled, Killed Again and Finally Executed in November 1998 Free to Murder Again Focus on John List and Other Fugitives. Fugitives
Two Heinous Serial Killers - Yikes! Gary Heidnik and Jeffrey Dahmer Murder in France Gaston Dominici and The Drummond Murders
Escaping Murder Raps Via Double Jeopardy Law - Focus on Melvin Ignatow Getting Away With Murder (2002) Colleen Stan Kidnapped by Cameron Hooker and Forced to Be His Slave Until Her Escape Seven Years Later The Girl in the Box
Gangsters, Bosses and Law Enforcement - Perhaps Part of "The Mob Series" Godfathers vs. the Law
Dr. Jeffrey McDonald Accused of Murdering His Family at Fort Bragg, NC, Despite HIs Claims of Innocence The Green Beret Murder Mystery Howard Mechanic Now Serving a Sentence after Hiding Under a False ID ("Gary Tredway") for 28 Years Hiding in Plain Sight: Tales of a Fugitive
Hit Men Hired Guns 17-Year Search for Ted Kaczynski for His Murderous Mail Crimes Hunt for the Unabomber
Slick Serial Killer with 33 Victims John Wayne Gacy: Buried Secrets Middle School Kids Andrew Golden and Mitchell Johnson Killed Four Classmates and One Teacher The Jonesboro Schoolyard Ambush
Jim Jones Murder - Suicide in South America The Jonestown Massacre Examination of Wrongfully Accused and Convicted People in the American Justice System - A Week-Long Series That Includes - "The Hurricane Carter Story" (Ruben Carter, John Artis), "Framed" (Clarence Bradley), "Presumed Guilty" (Rolando Cruz), "False Witness" (Gary Dotson), "Trial and Error" (Two Cases of Men Tried for Murder More Times Than any Other Defendants in US History), "Wrong Place, Wrong Time" (Clemente & Bundy) Justice Denied (Series)
Gary Dotson Falsely Accused of Rape Justice Denied: False Witness Clarence Brandley Convicted and Sentenced to Life in the Murder of School Girl Cheryl Ferguson in 1980 Justice Denied: Framed
Ruben Carter, John Artis Possibly Innocent of a 1966 Murder and the Verdict Was Overturned Justice Denied: The Hurricane Carter Story Rolando Cruz Justice Denied: Presumed Guilty
James Richardson Accused of Poisoniong His Seven Kids in Florida in 1967 and 2 Men Tried More Often for the Same Crime Than Anyone Else in U.S. History Justice Denied : Trial and Error Leigh Bundy's Possibly Excessive Narcotics Sentence Due to Ineptness by Defense by Attorneys William Kunstler and Ronald Kuby Justice Denied: Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Children Committing Mega Serious Crimes (1994)Juvenile Justice Tom Bonney's Claim that One of His Multiple Personalities Killed His Daughter in 1987 [Ed. Note: Yeah, Right] The Killer Within
A Detective Makes an Interesting  Discovery About a Man Who Killed His Neighbor Kill Thy Neighbor The John Lennon Murder in 1980 The Lennon Murder (1998)
These Two Guys Ran a Sex Slave Camp in California and Murdered 12 People Leonard Lake and Charles Ng In 1993, Mass Murder Committed by Colin Ferguson on a NY Commuter Train The Long Island Railroad Massacre
(2001)  Wrongfully Accused, Ronald Cotton, Served 11 Years for a Rape That He Didn't Commit. Lying Eyes Features Charline Brundidge as a Victim of Domestic Violence in 1985 after Murdering Her Abusive Husband Marriage and Murder
In 1996, Charles Whitman Shot 31 People Killing 16 from the White Tower at the University of Texas. Mass Murder: An American Tragedy (2001) The 1998 Murder of Gay College Student, Matthew Shepard, that was Motivated by Bigotry. Matthew Shepard: Death in the High Desert
1969 Kidnapping of Muriel McKay McKay Kidnapping The Murder of Tejano Singing Star by Yolanda Saldivar Midnight Selena: Murder of a Star
Justice in the Ranks Military Justice A Series - Godfathers, Mob Ladies, Defending the Mob (Attorneys Who Defend Mob and Organized Crime), Mob Rats (Joseph Valachi and Sammy Gravano) The Mob (Series)
Mafia Defectors in the Witness Protection Program Who've Turned in Fellow Mobsters - Focus on Joseph Valachi and Sammy Gravano Mob Rats Darlie Routier - Denied, Yet Convicted of June 1996 Texas Murder of Her Two Children Mother on Death Row (2/01)
(2002) Debra Jean Milke Accused of Arranging the Murder of Her Own 4-Year old Child A Mother's Story of Murder The Anti-Drug Abuse Act and How Drug Dealers Ordering a KIll Can Be Sentenced to Death. Murder and Marijuana (9/01)
Campus Murders - Focus on the Coed Murders at the University of Florida Murder in a College Town Families Doing In Family Members: Freeman Brothers, Jeffrey Howorth, Lizzy Borden, etc. Murder in the Family
1975 Yet-Unsolved Killing With Links to Ethel Kennedy's Nephews A Murder in Greenwich: The Martha Moxley Case The 1975 Case of Native American Activist Leonard Peltier Who Was Convicted of the Murder of Two FBI Agents - Examines the Facts and Raises Questions on Peltier as a Victim of Government Conspiracy Murder on a Reservation
The On-Going Struggle NARCs 1946 Murder in South Kensington, England Neville Heath: The Lady Killer
Stalker Richard Ramirez Night Stalker Rich Texan Utilizing All His Means to Cover Up Murder Oil, Money and Murder
Black Market Trade of Organs Around the World The Organ Trade: Life and Death for Sale Outlaws of the Old West and the Rise of Law Enforcement in the US Outlaws
The Dowaliby Couple Suspected of Killing Their Young Daughter, but Not Convicted A Parent's Nightmare Unfortunate - The Bully Bobby Kent Killed by "Friends" Payback for a Bully
Her Hubby (David Davis) Killed Her After Investing in Humongous Life Insurance Policies  The Perfect Murder: The Shannon Mohr Story Big Time Business Involved Prostitution: Sex and the Law
Young Kid Who Raped Then Hid from the Law Overseas Rape in Connecticut: The Alex Kelly Story (2001) Chevie Kehoe Murdered the Mueller Family in Russelville, Arkansas Becasue He Was Raised to Believe Whites Were the Superior Race Raised on Hate
(2001) The 1984 Case of Suspected Child Abuse at a Massachusetts Day Care Center Resulting in the Conviction of the Center's Owners (Gerald & Violet Amirault and Daughter, Cheryl Amirault LeFave). True, or Have We All Gone Collectively Nuts? Shattered Innocence: The Fells Acres Abuse Case Sunny Han and Identical Twin Sister Gina November 6th, 1996 in Irvine, California Sister Against Sister: The Twin Murder Plot
Serial Killer David Berkowitz Escaped Detection in NYC Until Slipping Up Son of Sam (2001) Peter Reilly Accused, Then Charges Dropped, in the Murder of His Mother, Barbara Gibbons, in Connecticut A Son's Confession
Three Cases of Domestic Abuse-Similar to or Same as the IR Programs on Domestic Violence (Ed. Note: Uh, Gee Wally, Why do Grownups Keep Changing the Names of Things to Mess Up Us Kids?) Spouse Killers (1998) Charles Starkweather Killed 10 People in the Late 1950s Spree Killers
No Description Available Suicide by Execution
She Will Never Get Exactly What She Deserves The Susan Smith Story: A Mother's Confession Lisa Michelle Lambert's Murder of Laurie Snow in 1991 A Teenage Murder Mystery
 Wanda Holloway's Obsession With Her Daughter's Cheerleading Leads to Sick Murder Plot Texas Cheerleader Murder Plot Barbara Stager Killed Hubbies #1 and #2 After Spending the Loot Till Death Do Us Part
British Au Pair Convicted of Second-Degree Murder of an Eighth Month Old Child in the US The Trial of Louise Woodward How Organized Crime Tried to Take Over Las Vegas - Interview With Frank Rosenthal Vegas and the Mob
In 1995 Ron and Luella Bingham Were Murdered by Ken Attasmith Who Claimed His Child Was Raped and Abused by Them Vigilante Dad Those Who Take Justice Into Their Own Hands - Bernard Goetz in NY For One Vigilante Justice
Sunny Von Bulow's Comas - Is Claus Guilty? Von Bulow- A Wealth of Evidence Atlanta Lawyer Fred Tokars Convicted After Hiring a Hitman to Kill His Wife The Wife Who Knew Too Much
Two Hour Special on Attorney Tactics - OJ: Another Guy Who Will Never Get Exactly What He Deserves Why O.J. Simpson Won Report on 11 Year Old Nathaniel Abraham Who Killed in 1997 and Became the Youngest Defendant Tried as an Adult When a Child Kills
What Happens When Police Officers Kill Innocent People in the Line of Duty When Cops Kill Helen Brach Disappeared in '77, but Her Body Was Never Found Who Killed the Candy Heiress? The Helen Brach Story
(2001) The Case of Millionaire Lonnie "Ted" Binion in Las Vegas in 1998 and the Subsequent Arrests of his "Friends" Who Wants to Kill a Millionaire Her Husband Left With the Kids after His Affair, Remarried, and Betty Went After Him Murdering Both Him and the New Wife A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story
Peter Sutcliffe, the English Serial Killer in England in the '70s The Yorkshire Ripper
Miscellaneous and/or Uncategorized Documentaries
Another Chicago WBBM Documentary on Agent Orange - BK Discusses This in His Book, "On Assignment" AgentOrange: The View from Vietnam (1980) Interviews with People of Many Religions - BK as NarratorA Still Small Voice - Mysticism and the Search
for Religious Understanding
A View on the Long-Lasting Effects of Radiation (Broadcast on Nova) Back to Chernobyl (1989)
Chicago WBBM Documentary on Agent Orange - BK Discusses This in His Book, "On Assignment" Deadly Fog (1978) BK as Host/Narrator for this A&E Production Extreme Sacrifice
Comparison of Gun Legislation in New York and Miami - Possibly an "Investigative Reports" Program Firearms Freeway 1990 Four-Part Documentary with BK as Narrator: Fire Into Gold, Stories from the Earth, The Prediction Problem, Preparing for Disaster Fire on the Rim
American Bar Association Production With BK as Host Law Office of the Future (1987) 1989 Six-Part PBS Program: Third Planet, Heat Within, Life from the Sea, Patterns in the Air, Riddles of Sand and Ice, Home Planet The Miracle Planet
This May be A "New Explorers" The Nazca Lines - Classification of Animals (1992) Chicago WBBM Documentary on Africa- BK Discusses This in His Book, "On Assignment" Passport to Extinction (1981-2)
Chicago WBBM Documentary on Poland - BK Discusses This in His Book, "On Assignment" Poland: A New Spirit (1981) Reincarnation of a Tibetan Monk, A Woman With a Previous Life, and a Boy Killed as a French Soldier in a Previous Life - BK as Host and Narrator Reincarnations (1996)
BK Narrates This 2-Part Documentary about the Romanian People and the Nicolae Ceaucescu Government for National Geographic Romania: The Damned Dynasty Looks at Knights Templar and Druids - BK as Host and Narrator Sacred Societies (1996)
Originally Broadcast 11-4-69 - This May Have Been BK's First Documentary The Story of Tokyo Rose A Look at Loyola University Chicago - BK Anchors and Washington Correspondent Bill Plante Narrates Teaching, Serving, Caring
BK Narrated this PBS Series Treasures of the World NOVA and Frontline Explore the Strategic Defense Initiative in a 2-Hour Documentary Originally Aired 4-22-86 Visions of Star Wars (1986)

Standard Disclaimer: We have compiled this information on these pages to the best of our knowledge. There may be errors and/or credit given to BK for his involvement in projects listed here where he is not to be credited. We have done our best to be accurate and as informative as possible, but we do make mistakes. If you detect an error, please drop us a note.

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