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At left - Bill Kurtis in Ecuador, shooting a Dec. 25, 2001 Investigative Reports - "American Chief in the Amazon" on Ecuador's New Environmentalists - A new wave of environmental activism is emerging in Ecuador. The leaders of this movement are an ancient indigenous people called the Cofan. Having lived in the rainforest centuries, they are confronting industrial and oil company abuses on their land and stopping it. (Photo courtesy of Kurtis Productions, Ltd.)

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The Explorations of Nuclear Energy from Beginning to Present - Features the Argonne National Laboratory

Atoms for Peace

The Bear in the Hair - Yellowstone Grizzlies

The Beauty of the Beast

Custer's Good Buddies - BK got an award for this one from the Cowboy Hall of Fame in 1999

Betrayal at Little Big Horn

Computers and Virtual Reality

Beyond the Looking Glass

Gold Mine in South Dakota

Catching the Sun

Flyin' Saucers - See Similar Program at the Investigative Reports Page

Bringing UFOs Down to Earth

Native American Kids Tackle Pollution

Children of the River

Humongous Whales

Creating an Ocean

Earth's Temperature

Crisis: Planet Earth


The Crystal Laboratory (aka Antarctica - PBS 4-5-95)

Navy's Flipper Secrets

Declassified U.S. Navy

Skinny Critter in Dark Water - The Discovery of Jill Yager's Remipedes

Dive into Darkness

X-rays - Tag Along With Doctors

Doctors with X-ray Vision

Burn Fix - Using Plastic Surgery to Minimize Scar Tissue

Don't Judge a Book

African-American Heart Doc and Civil Rights Movement in the South

The Dream Fulfilled

Flying Froggies on the Space Shuttle


Bolivia Bio Inventory

Environmental SWAT Team

Gals Who Make It After Breast Cancer

Expedition Inspiration

Fly Like an Eagle

Flight for Survival

Oldest Dinos

Fragments of Time

Save the Rhinos in Zimbabwe

The Fragile Fossil

Ashes to Ashes - Yellowstone's Post-Burn Ecology

From Beneath the Ashes

One Hour Show Researching the Microbes of Yellowstone Park

From Yellowstone to Mars

Chicago Flood - Underground Flood - Interesting Challenge

Great Chicago Flood

The Incredible Journey

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Doc Livingstone, I Presume - His Final Expedition

In the Footsteps of Dr. Livingstone

Self Cleaning Lake Superior

Into the Depths

Isolated Ecosystem - Remember Your Safety Belt

Islands in the Jungle

Floatin' Bill - The Rising Sea Level

Is Trinidad Drowning?

Siberian Extinction

Journey to Save a Crane

Zapping Brain Tumors

The Laser's Edge

Cute Manatees - The Manatee, Bo, Featured in This Great Program Died in 2000

Manatees: Red Alert

Decisions, Decisions

The Man Who Would be Chief

Babies With a Chance Thanks to Medical Advances

Miracle Babies

Something to Believe In

A Miracle Dolphin

Nohoch Nah Chich, a Network of Subterranean, Underwater Limestone Caves Near Cancun and Cozumel on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico

The Most Dangerous Science
(PBS 11-29-96)

Great Mountain Scenery and Crunchy Coffee

Mystery of the Andes

Anasazi - Where in the World Are You?

Mystery of the Ancient Ones


The Mystery of Machu Picchu

Peruvian Hoax

Mystery of the Lines

Shroud Of Turin Hoax - The Gentle Man Featured in This Program, Walter McCrone, Died July 10, 2002

Mystery Through the Lens

Computers are Good

The New Language of Science

Help in Africa

NOAHS: Keepers of the Ark

New Mexico Virus

On the Trail of A Killer Virus

Tired Wings of the Songbird on a Migratory Route

On a Wing and a Prayer (1995)

Endangered Monk Seals

Orphans of Time

Dr. Bill, Assistant Brain Surgeon

Outsmarting the Brain

Cool Creepy Green Dye

Polluting the Fountain of Youth

Nowhere to Hide, Criminals

Profiles in Terror

Factors Playing into the Destruction of South and Central American Rain Forests

The Rainforest Imperative (1990)

Rio Paraguay Shipping Lane

Rescuing a River

Bye-Bye, California

The Restless Earth

Teddy's Reinactment - River Renamed For Roosevelt

River of Doubt

Lava's Hot, Ain't it Bill?

Rivers of Fire

Roller Coaster Science

The Science of Physics

Hungry Lookin' Cheetah - How can We Save Them?

Running Out of Time

Great Pictures, No Gold

Search for Inca Gold

Long Hike in Tibet; Can't Have Claustrophobia to Take This Trip

The Search for Shangri-La

A Theory - Heat Loving Bacteria and Possible Existence on Other Planets

Searching for the Origins of Life

Masaai - Secret Rites Revealed by BK

Secrets of an Ancient Culture

Be Like Mike

The Science of Sports

Beam Me Up, Scotty - Other name seen for this program is "Science of Science Fiction"

The Science of Star Trek (1995)

Cultural Preservation, Yet a Slave

Slavery's Buried Past

Sweet Taters in Orbit

Space Farm

Brain Taming

The Storm Within

Genetics of Costa Rican Deaf

Spiral of Silence

Sahara Dinos

Skeletons in the Sand

BioTech Green Thumb

Super Seeds

Ocean Mysteries

Sounds of Discovery

Quicksand - It Does a Body Good

Taming the Wild Horses

Plant Component Medical Wonder & Yucky Stuff to Drink

A 20th Century Medicine Man

Animal Surrogates

Test Tube Zoo

Spooky, but Neat Looking - Watch Where You're Driving

Underwater Volcanoes

Writing on the Wall - Ancient Mayans

Voices in the Stones


Walking Among the Sharks
(PBS 3-5-97)

Smiley - Brookfield Zoo Exploring Dolphin Intelligence/Communication

Why is This Dolphin Smiling?

Chuck Darwin - Galapagos

What Darwin Never Saw (aka Galapagos 94)

Other Possible "New Explorers" - Not Confirmed

The Person Who Makes Up These Titles is Very Clever :-)

Ozone: The Hole Story (this was a stand-alone documentary, not a New Explorers)

Balloon Adventure on PBS

Solo Spirit (stand-alone documentary and never completed)

No Description Available Yet

Global Warming (6-4-98)

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