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Genesis Awards 2001

Producers Bill Kurtis and Julianne Hill, with actor/presenter
Dennis Weaver, at The Genesis Awards ceremonies in Los Angeles, March 10, 2001.
Kurtis Productions received the Best Television
Documentary Award for Investigative Reports: WAR ON THE RANGE.
(Photo courtesy of The Ark Trust, Inc.)

BK Doing What He Does

Bill Kurtis on the job!
Photo Credit: Bridget Rowley

Can you guess who BK is posing with in this picture at his Red Buffalo ranch?

Click on the picture to see two beauties!

Two Special Friends

Our favorite BK program of all time - These are publicity pictures for The New Explorers so there is no formal credit to be given, but we believe they were distributed by WTTW/Chicago.

BK from The New Explorers episode "Super Seeds"

(1993) Bill Kurtis and The New Explorers team traveled to Cali, Colombia to learn about the biotechnology used to produce stronger crops and ways in which farmers learn new agricultural techniques in "Super Seeds."

'Don't Judge a Book'

(1993) Plastic surgeon Dr. Rafael Lee of the University of Chicago discussed his discovery of a new use for a common drug to treat high blood pressure in "Don't Judge a Book."


(1993) Dr. Mae Jamison, the first African-American woman in space, demonstated scientific experiments in the weightlessness of space in "Endeavour."

"The Fragile Fossil"

(1993) BK talked with the veterinarians in Zimbabwe who de-horn white and black rhinos in an effort to discourage poachers from killing them in "The Fragile Fossil."

"Running Out of Time"

(1993) BK visited with Laurie and Dan Krauss in Namibia and discussed the ways to help save the endangered cheetah from extinction in "Running Out of Time."

"Manatees: Red Alert"

(1993) The New Explorers visited the Miami Seaquarium to solve the mystery of the mysterious deaths of manatees in "Manatees: Red Alert." Tom Pitchford of the Florida Marine Research Institute put an update in our 2000 guestbook on the manatee featured in that episode.

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