Why This Tribute to Bill Kurtis?

A biologist by education and life experiences, this webmaster has a never-ending love for science and an unquenchable thirst for life processes and the unknown. With that, I must also say that my colleagues in the realm of biological sciences extend far beyond those who have simply received a college degree in that field.

This, my newest creation and only page of this type, arises from some personal memories as well as my respect for the good work of Bill Kurtis. As a kid (at least a hundred years ago), I remember both loving and hating Marlin Perkins. I thought his shows ("Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom") were great because they appealed to my sense of nature and all of nature's components, but he wasn't a real nature lover in my book. Talk is certainly cheap and he was more of a talker than naturalist.....one who wanted to make a TV show rather than educate. I can remember the type of adventurer he was in one of my many disappointing moments. "While Jim wrestles the giant anaconda, I'll sit.....heeeere.....in the truck." Yeah, Marlin, we love the show, but do you care? Get the heck out of the truck! When I saw a couple of "The New Explorers," I vividly remember developing a lot of respect for Bill Kurtis because this guy wasn't afraid to get out of the truck and take some chances. For that's what it's all about.....an interaction with nature. Using all the senses to experience the world in which we live.

A person cannot simply read a textbook to be in tune with anything. Granted, textbooks are important tools in providing a groundwork for knowledge that may be used in life. But unless that person actually uses his knowledge and participates in what he has learned, he does not qualify as an authority on anything.

My tribute to Bill Kurtis is one of bestowing an honor on one of my fellow scientists who has created an interest in science based upon his willingness to participate and provide empirical data. Not because he "read this somewhere," but because he had the initiative to be an explorer himself and take his training into the realm of the unknown.......a person who has undertaken the responsibility of the title "educator." We can refer to Bill as a journalist because he professes himself to be as such. But he transcends the basic model of a journalist. My admiration has resulted due to his ability to strip away the blinders and utilize his talents as a well-qualified educator and biologist.

Responsible journalism: I'm not a journalist. I'm not particularly responsible. We should be thankful for those who are a combination of such. Kurtis has impressed me with his fortitude and commitment to scientific endeavors. Inspiration of the young minds of the world is something that gives immortality to an individual. This man has done just that. He has inspired me (when I was a semi-pup) and he has inspired many children in the pursuit of knowledge in the scientific fields.......mostly because he seems to be a really great guy who cares about all of us as the Earth's critters and also because he's committed to the education of kids.

This less-than-talented webmaster has a couple other coals in the fire. Playing with web pages is a creative outlet where one can create art and express themselves by way of cyberspace. My web accomplishments are many but I choose to remain anonymous with all my pages. My desire is that I honorably represent those that I choose to feature.........this is one for my fellow scientist, Bill Kurtis.

Update February, 2008: After all these years, I can still say that I am proud of Bill Kurtis and his accomplishments. It's an honor to have a fan site for him. What a truly warm and wonderful person!

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